Why My British English

4-6 yrs old (Junior)  / 7-13 yrs old

English Thinking Development

One should not translate the foreign language he heard to his native language. Students who over-rely on translation tend to forget the meaning of the words. It will slow down their thinking process and hinder their brain development.

Four Skills Development

Students will develop excellent listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through a series of well-designed courses. Opportunities will be provided to express their capabilities.

Whole Brain Development

With vast experience in teaching, we have designed the program according to the brain's learning pattern. It will help the students to learn and understand a context faster; aiding the development of their brain.

My British Junior English 4-6 yrs old

Recognizing, Reading, Spelling

Children’s awareness towards English language can be triggered with multiple approaches. Under a conditioned learning environment, children will be able to communicate more with the others and express themselves in a natural manner using English language.

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Whole Brain Stimulation

Using phonics to learn and build up the connections between alphabets and their pronunciations. Helping the students to analyze and recognize the words through hearing.

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Extensive Literacy

With the Chain Method, students are able to link one word to a series of other words. With continuous revision, they are able to understand and remember more words in an efficient manner.

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Reading Guidance

With effective reading guidance, students will possess large amount of reading experience and they will be able to recognize the correct pronunciations. Helping them to build up a strong foundation for advanced study.

My British English 7-12 yrs old

Comprehension, Grammar, Essay

We stimulate students’ curiosity and recognition towards the environment by using a diversified teaching method. Trough story-telling and reading, students are able to accept English as one of their native language. This will help them to understand the context of the language itself and gain higher level of language skill.

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Think in English

It is important to think in English while using it. As long as the children are able to think fluently, they will be able to connect the language itself together with the usage of grammar.

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Application in Exam & Writing

Most of the important exam techniques such as grammar usage and answering skills will be taught to the students. We will help them to memorize and apply the methods.

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English in Life

Aiding students to discover the unknown, teaching them to acquire new knowledge with various tools, and helping them to develop self-learning habit. Let “English” be the communication bridge between the children and the world.

Why Should I Send My Child Here?

Teaching with Original Context

By using original context, students will be able to think in English.

Keystone to Potential Development

Our learning module which suits the brain’s learning pattern can help the children to develop their potential accordingly.

Useful For a Lifetime

Our unique teaching technique can help students to develop critical thinking skill and voluntary action which will be useful for a lifetime.

Interesting and Sufficient

Combining traditional teaching with technology-advanced method, students will be able to study in an efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Question

  • There is no English speaker in the family, will it affect my child's study?

    No, during the study process, we will create opportunities for the child to speak English. When he is out there, let him take the opportunity to speak English with the others and it will do.

  • Do you teach grammar and essay writing which will be used in school?

    Yes, we will teach them with our unique teaching material and method. It will help them to understand and use English language naturally like their mother tongue.

  • Will there be a problem if my child used to learn English in other places?

    Your child will be evaluated before hand by the teacher to understand his literacy. He will later be assigned to classes of suitable level.

  • Can my child learn if he does not like English?

    Usually, children do not like something because it is too difficult to be learnt. That's why we will raise their interest towards English through story telling and daily information. Aiming to let the children to learn English through the natural way.

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