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What We Teach?

Building Positive Learning Attitude

With sufficient guidance, learners will be able to break through study barriers. This helps to build up their self-esteem and trigger their interest in learning new knowledge.

Develop Independent Thinking Skill

We focus on teaching learners to think and analyze a situation before making judgment. This helps the children to develop logic and reasoning skills that they can use to make sense of their world.

Enhance Competitiveness

Through a series of training, most learners will gain better memory power and visualization ability, and faster reading, listening, and calculation skills. These will certainly provide a good starting point for the children to compete in the future.

How We Teach?

Advance Edu Tech + 1to1 Teacher Guidance + Online Tutoring
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Advance Edu Tech


Multimedia Edu Tech allows every student to learn under a standardized teaching module. Sound, image, and other information will be used to stimulate the study efficiency of the brain. In addition to increase the students’ learning interest, flaws can easily be identified and instant rectification can be given to the student by the teacher.

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1to1 Teacher Guidance


One to one teaching module will provide personalized education program for the children.
At the same time, teacher will be able to better understand the child's feelings and provide proper care and encouragement. 

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Online Tutoring


The children will be able to effectively prepare before class and do after-school revision through a scientific method. In addition, parents will be able to keep track of their children’s learning to progress in the online system log.

GB Teaching Philosophy - "SATISFACTION"

S: senses  A: attitube  TI: think intelligently   SFACTION:  seed of forward action

We use different kind of senses to build up positive learning attitude in our children. Letting them to think intelligently and planting the seed of forward action in them. This is what we called the GB SATISFACTION Philosophy .

Attitude + Thinking x Specialty = Continuous Learning
Developing the right attitude towards learning through sensory stimulation. Teaching the children to think independently and exert their potential. Letting the children to self-educate to improve their future competitiveness. The end result will be something that will satisfy the parents, teachers, and the children.

Mental Arithmetic

Reflecting a new education philosophy, GoldenBrain (GB) is the first to come out with a whole new teaching method in the world which is called the "A.M.A.R.C." This system is the combination of traditional mental arithmetic program ..............

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My British EnglishComing Soon

This program encourages the children to discover the world through the connection of words, sounds, and images. Classes will be conducted in a comfortable environment and children will be provided with opportunities to present their ideas.

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Own a Business

If you have the entrepreneur spirit and you want to start up your own business, why not joining us? With our advanced educational program, you will be able to gain access to unlimited resources and establish your own career at ease. Contact us now and you will not regret making the right choice.

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