What is Mental Arithmetic(A.M.A.R.C.)

Reflecting a new education philosophy, GoldenBrain (GB) is the first to come out with a whole new teaching method in the world which is called the "A.M.A.R.C". It contains the usage of abacus, mental arithmetic, and rapid calculation. A.M.A.R.C uses the brain as a calculation tool. By calculating the numbers from 0 - 9 in complex arithmetic integration, it will help the brain to develop higher potential. This method focuses on stimulating and using the brain. 

Why "A.M.A.R.C." Teaching Method in Mental Arithmetic

A.M.A.R.C.Teaching Method believes that children are born with the ability to perform speed calculation, big-volume memorization, and unlimited imagination. Because of this, A.M.A.R.C. Teaching Method has replaced traditional teaching method with a new creationary guiding method. When there is no more memorizing and repeated exercise, the children are able to learn in a happy and natural manner. Reaching the purpose of potential development.

How We Teach in Mental Arithmetic (A.M.A.R.C.)

This innovative method is able to raise the students' interest in studying through the use of sound, light, shade, speed, and other elements to stimulate the potential of the brain. This also helps to nurture the students to have self-learning habit and higher concentration.