Why Education Business?

Easy to learn and Operate

Full transfer of a successful business model and step by step guidance to make it easy for you to operate your own center.

Low investment cost & Stable income

A long term investment with low entry barrier is the right choice to kick-start your own business.

Flexible working hour

Arrange your own working hour and get to enjoy an easy lifestyle.

What is Our Business Strategy


Education Centre has been moving toward the era of enterprise management. In order for businesses to survive among the fierce competition of the education industry, they must be ambitious and keep up with the market trend and to accept the concept of resource integration. Emphasizing on the quality of the course is no longer enough. You must provide your customers with more value-added service and improve your service quality to gain the parents' recognition and solidarity.

GB Alliance Center

For a strategic business alliance, the most important part is to share a successful business philosophy and profit system with your partner. The ClickNgain Business Concept was born due to the market demand for such an alliance. The headquarters will provide a series of support ranging from choosing a location, student enrollment, and business management to teachers training, material updates, and other relevance. With these, businesses owners will have no problem in operating an education center. Implementing business standardization and expansion, teaching professionalism, resource integration, and sustainable profitability will be at ease.

What is ClickNgain Business Concept?



Golden Brain will remind you of the suitable treatment and management approaches that should be done at every stage of the business through the ClickAdmin system.

100% Business Administration Support

40% Administrative Training + 30% Operation Plan Generated +30% Intelligent Assistance

If you take the management know-how as a library, the ClickAdmin system is like a management software for the library. With this system, you no longer have to worry about starting a teaching center from the ground up. The ClickAdmin system will provide you with a list of arrangements and planning such as business administration, student recruitment, public relations tools and techniques, and more.


Golden Brain will help the teachers to monitor the students’ study progress through the ClickTutor system and provide appropriate teaching suggestions.

100% Teaching System Support

50% Teaching Platform + 30% Teacher Training + 20% Student Progress Monitor

In addition to the quality of the course, letting the teachers to teach happily in a stress-free environment and helping the students to reach their targeted performance are equally important. Thus, the ClickTutor system will help to lighten up the teaching process and improve the interaction between teachers and students. Making learning more meaningful and satisfying the parents.


Golden Brain will assist the investors to achieve the most efficient financial planning and reasonable profit distribution through the ClickRevenue system.

100% Business Development Support

40% Business Model + 40% Marketing Strategy + 20% Resource Integration

Gaining higher revenue and cutting down expenditure is the key to ensure the profitability of a business. Teaching centers are now learning the way to utilize their resources effectively to lower their operating costs and increase their monthly sales. And ClickRevenue is designed based on three principles which are sustainability, profitability, and development. Therefore, this system is able to improve the return on investment of a business and enhance the net profit percentage of it. Helping the investors to gain long-term and stable profit.

Why Golden Brain?


We are a stable company

With more than 20 years of experience in Childhood Education Sector, our company’s business and academic performance have won numerous awards and are recognized by both domestic and foreign organizations.


We provide an integreted system

We also provide integrated business model and computerized management system which will help you to achieve targeted performance, maintain stability and promote business growth. Making your investment more lucrative.


We know what you need

Golden Brain has been operating its own direct centers for years. Therefore, we know what you want and we will transfer all of our centers’ successful business model and know-how database directly to you.


We keep growing

In Golden Brain, we never stop learning. We keep ourselves alert to the latest trend and learn from it. With continuous improvement, we make sure that we are always fit for the market.

  • I used to work in a bank. Later on, I had the idea of setting up my own business because I wanted to devote more time to take care of my family. At the exact moment, I bumped into Golden Brain and decided to set up my own teaching center. Throughout the period, Golden Brain has been continuously providing me with the latest information and teaching updates, helping my teaching center to keep up with the market trend. This is the reason why my parents and students like my center so much.

    Dolly Ng
  • I moved away from my birth place because of marriage. I wanted to be financially independent and prepare a suitable learning environment for my future kids. These reasons encouraged me to walk into the education sector. I learnt about Golden Brain in an entrepreneurship magazine and decided to give it a try. I have zero experience about education. Luckily, Golden Brain has been very patient in teaching me to operate my center and interact with the parents. Until now, the parents treated me as their counselor.

    Lesley Koh
  • I had a tuition center before I joined Golden Brain. I faced numerous failure throughout the business because I had been doing everything all by myself. I had a lot of students but my profit margin was very low. The turnover rate of the students was high and I had to prepare all of the syllabus before conducting classes. After consulting Golden Brain, only then I realized that I have doing it wrongly. The operation of my tuition center was not organized and I had wasted a lot of resources. Now, my teaching center is generating more income and I have more free time to do the things I like.

    Jasper Tan

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