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Who We Are

Golden Brain has more than 20+ years of teaching experience in Mental Arithmetic and has successfully obtained national and international awards during our research and development period.

After continuous research and innovation, Golden Brain has successfully combined the advantages of Multimedia Technology with traditional teaching method and created a brand new Multimedia Teaching Platform. It will be easier for teachers to teach and students to learn. This method is a successful breakthrough and it will overcome the operation barriers commonly faced by traditional learning centers.

Our Core Values


Business Philosophy

Incubation , Innovation , Integration

Currently, Early Childhood Education is difficult to raise an interest and confidence in the market if you are unable to achieve teaching standardization, curriculum diversification, and systematic management. Therefore, How to achieve the effectiveness to maintain the lower operating costs without compromising the quality of the teaching. These double standard has become an objective of the efforts and hot discussion topics in this industry.To build a strong business foundation, training their own specialist, professional analysis, and technical expertise will be the basis for providing the higher quality of services for the consumer simultaneously。

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Talent Cultivation

The most intense competition between the enterprises is the competition among the talents. Whether is creativity, knowledge, design and develop, talent management is the key for improved business performance. Therefore, every business has been working hard on developing an integrated system to select, nurture, develop, and retain a qualified expertise in their in-house corporate. If the system is successful, it will improve the sustainability of the businesses.

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Products and Services Innovation

“Be better than you were yesterday!” is the perfect guideline for businesses to examine themselves. The world is developing at a fast pace and the accumulation of knowledge is surprisingly fast. In order for businesses to stay competitive, to have the grand vision to examine the wider market perspective, is important. Thus, thinking innovatively, learning continuously and absorption of new knowledge can increase the abilities to respond to new challenges.

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Integrating and Sharing Resources

Information technology and modern life are closely related. We are living in a digitized, virtualized, and integrated environment. The height arrival of information technology in this era has a significant impact and bring changes towards the early childhood education industry. An integration between technology, teaching, management, and marketing have to in order to achieve the multiplier effect.

Business Goal and Values

Quality Teaching , Business Management , Conscience & Responsibilty

Inheriting the culture and advantages of Mental Math and extending it by further developing multiple quality courses. Letting the children to study happily in an efficient and professional environment. Setting up branches through a modern business model and promoting “Quality Education” to the society as a way of fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Business Vision

Originated in Malaysia and aiming to become the most famous and trusted brand in early childhood education in the world.

Our History and Honor


Operation of First Center

Setting up the first education center to research and promote quality mental math course.


OverSeas Expansion

Golden Brain never stops at discussing and interchanging our teaching skills with domestic and foreign mental arithmetic centers. Especially in Thailand, we have been providing teaching supports to the largest mental arithmetic organization all year round.


Interview By Local and International Media

Our long-term intentions has been affirmed by parents and business operators. We have received interviews from the China Press, Oriental Daily News, Sin Chew Jit Poh and other journalism. We were also interviewed by local television stations and did some recording on the classes conducted by Golden Brain for national broadcasting.


The Malaysia Book of Records

In May 2003, "Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic" is formally recognized as the only one to achieve "The fastest mental arithmetic calculation of 10 digits multiply(X) 6 digits (24.10 seconds)" and "The fastest mental arithmetic calculation of 9 digits multiply(X)9 digits (23.86 seconds) records. An official announcement was made to the public and the achievements were recorded into the series of "The Malaysia Book of Record.”


The Book of Inaugural World's Record

In October 2004, "AMARC Teaching Method and teaching materials" was recognized and entered into “The Book of Inaugural World's record". It is Mr. Yap Yoke Teng’s (David Yap) achievement after years of teaching. The course is specially designed for the parallel development of the left and right brain which is suitable for children between 3 to 13 years old.


Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award

In this year, "Golden Brain Mental Arithmetic" had successfully moved towards the international. Among the five hundred business units (including China, Brunei, the United States and India), we had come to the fore and was awarded with the "Excellent Brand Award" among the list of 45 winning companies and this was recognized and recommended by the global business community.


Member of MATRADE

Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) is the national trade promotion agency of Malaysia. MATRADE’s mission to promote Malaysia’s export has enabled many local companies to carve new frontiers in global markets.


Enhance to Multimedia Edu Technique

Reflecting a new education philosophy, Golden Brain is the first to come out with a whole new teaching method in the world which is called the "A.M.A.R.C". This system is the combination of traditional mental arithmetic program and technology advanced teaching method. It contains the usage of abacus, mental arithmetic, and rapid calculation. This innovative method is able to raise the students' interest in studying through the use of sound, light, shade, speed, and other elements to stimulate the potential of the brain. This also helps to nurture the students to have self-learning habit and higher concentration.


Baby Talk Reader's Award

“The Best Mental Arithmetic Centre” in the BabyTalk Reader's Choice Awards 2014. The result was recommended by 35,000 parents & readers.